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Adam Von Rothfelder


Adam Von Rothfelder, born in 1982, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, is a former professional MMA fighter, personal trainer and owner/lead trainer at Drench Fitness Boutique. 

At 22 years old, Von Rothfelder immersed himself into the world of amateur and professional fighting and kickboxing. He began fighting and participating in kickboxing matches throughout Wisconsin. In 2006, he won the “Milwaukee Rumble,” an amateur kickboxing competition, and in 2007, he took second place in the Natural Bodybuilding Midwest competition. In 2008, he took second in the Midwest N.A.G.A Championship, which prompted him to enter the world of mixed martial arts.

Von Rothfelder moved to California in 2009 to pursue his professional career further. He trained with the Body Shop and Antonio McKee in Long Beach, CA, as well as, with the NFL Combine Training Team. During this time, he was also a trainer at one of Los Angeles’s premier celebrity gyms working with high-profile clients. Unfortunately, due to injuries, Rothfelder had to leave his professional fighting career behind.

Von Rothfelder’s aspirations turned to personal training. In 2011, he opened “Drench Fitness”, a boutique gym, focused around personal training with an emphasis on efficiency and intensity.

Von Rothfelder is pushing forward with his goal to revolutionize the fitness industry, educate and change the lives of those around him. 

Von Rothfelder also has a supplement sponsorship with OnIt Labs.  He is one of only six trainers that OnIt sponsors. An avid supporter and advocate of OnIt’s supplement line and their philosophy on producing only the highest quality products.

Von Rothfelder is proud to announce that his client, former Clemson wide receiver, Jaron Brown signed a free agent deal with the Arizona Cardinals for the 2013 season. And client, DL Moore, former South Carolina Gamecocks’ wide receiver will pursue his football career within the Canadian Football League (CFL) for the 2013 season. 


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